Reflective 3D Pattern Ankle Weights

SHOUNG SPORT Reflective 3D Patter Ankle Weights
  • WHATEVER BE YOUR SIZE ANKLE AND WRIST WEIGHTS IS JUST RIGHT FOR YOU – This ankle and wrist weight is your all-day companion either you are exercising indoor or outdoor.
  • PROVIDES SAFETY DURING NIGHT TIME – The ankle and wrist weight is supported by a reflective line which glows in dark. They provide you with extra safety during night time as they reflect when light falls on the reflection line.
  • ADJUSTABLE STRAP ANKLE AND WRIST WEIGHTS FOR MEN, WOMEN, AND KIDS – The weights can be put on hands or legs while walking, running, exercising or dancing to boost calorie-burning. The Adjustable strap which is suitable for the usage of various sizes.
  • SOFT AND DURABLE MATERIAL – These ankle and wrist weight have a longer life because of their reinforced stitching and neoprene padding material.
  • SKIN FRIENDLY – The easygoing and powerful sweat absorbent material keeps your body protected against itching and redness of skin. So, you can use these ankle and wrist pads on your legs and hands even for long hours safely.


SHOUNG SPORT Reflective 3D Patter Ankle Weights
This Reflective Ankle / Wrist Weights are weights that have been designed to fit around your ankle or wrist. Designed for safety, comfort, and freedom of movement, they come in sizes ranging from 1 lb. to 10 lbs. You can adjust the size of the length and tie them around the wrists or ankles with straps.

Why you need this ankle weights?

  • Core exercises – To improve your balance and stability.
  • Easy to use – You don’t require specialized equipment or a gym membership.
  • To burn fat – Strengthen and tone the underlying muscles.
  • Prevention injuries – Strong your core muscles and make it easier to do most physical activities.
  • Help you reach your fitness goals – Put on the ankle weights when you do exercise is the best way to reach your fitness goals.

Reflective Trim

The ankle / wrist weight is supported by a reflective line which glows in dark. If you plan to wear these outside, you’ll feel safe knowing there is a reflective strip so cars will see you at night.



SHOUNG SPORT Reflective 3D Patter Ankle Weights
SHOUNG SPORT Reflective 3D Patter Ankle Weights

Breathable Material

Everybody sweats, but not everybody has to like it when the heat index rises, the surface of this ankle weight is made of Level 3 breathable Neoprene material, which wicks moisture and dries quickly; resists pilling and abrasion.

Skin-Protection Edge

There is a Skin-Protection Edge on the edge of the strap. It can protect your ankles and avoid to rub your skin while you do exercise or workout.

SHOUNG SPORT Reflective 3D Patter Ankle Weights

Carry Bag

You'll also get a carrying bag, so you can pack these for a quick workout when you travel

High-Quality Hook ,Loop and Strap

With durable hooks on one side and pliable loops on the other, they provide secure closure and easy peel-away. Secure D-ring and a large Hook and Loop Fastener provides a greater fit for ankles and wrists for your ankle weight/wrist weight.

SHOUNG SPORT Reflective 3D Patter Ankle Weights

Getting stronger and jump higher.

By wearing ankle weights, you will force your feet, ankles, lower legs and knees to work harder and build more muscle. By getting stronger in those areas, you will jump higher and run faster.


Tone your leg muscles.

Working the legs harder by wearing ankle weights increases exertion and benefits the cardiovascular system.


SHOUNG SPORT Reflective 3D Patter Ankle Weights
SHOUNG SPORT Reflective 3D Patter Ankle Weights

MMA, TKD, Boxing and kickboxing.

Kickboxers or TKD fighters can use ankle/wrist weights, and they have some functional use in boxing. Training your footwork drills and calf raises are more boxing specific, it makes you feel twice as light and a lot quicker.


Wear Them Anytime, Anywhere.

Perfect for Fitness, Workout, Exercise, Walking, Jogging, Gymnastics, Aerobics, and Gym. SHOUNG Reflective Ankle/ Wrist Weight bands can be used as a best source of rehabilitation therapy. They are the perfect remedy to recover from any kind of previous injury and strengthen your muscles. These ankle wrist weights are equally good for the professional dancers as well because these ankle bands keep your body in balance during any kind of movements.