SHOUNG Sportswear, A Perfect Combination of Style and Comfort

SHOUNG is the perfect source of providing best sporting equipment and other accessories to the sports lovers. We promote sports goods manufactured by leading suppliers and besides this SHOUNG is itself a professional manufacturer of sports equipment since years. With the passage of time SHOUNG has gained excellence in the field of sports manufacturing and is continuously striving to produce the supreme quality sports goods under our own brand as well as for other companies.

SHOUNG Providing both OEM and ODM Services

SHOUNG is a renowned name in the sports industry that works as both OEM and ODM. We feel pride in producing high class sports accessories. Our product line ranges from ankle and wrist weights to different props required by sportsmen. SHOUNG’s name rises on the high skies of excellence and success in the Chinese sports manufacturing industry.

Our OEM Services

SHOUNG acts as an OEM, manufacturing and designing sports accessories with its own specifications. We believe in innovations and introducing latest trends in the sports industry. SHOUNG is always there to satisfy the athlete’s craving and provide them ease while [playing any sports or even during work outs. The accessories and equipment produced by SHOUNG are manufactured for the following sports,


The stitching and sewing of all our manufactured sports goods is outclass and we guarantee its unique quality will never disappoint our worthy customers. We also sell our products to other companies and firms.

SHOUNG’s ODM Services

From the term ODM we mean original designing manufacturing which is done as per the client’s stipulations. SHOUNG is a leading sports manufacturer in China that helps the sportsmen to achieve their sports goals. We offer services as an ODM as well where we design and develop sports products upon the will of the respective company. We produce product exactly according to our client’s given specifications and give the product their brand’s name. We are presenting our services since three decades and have maintained our quality with much endeavor.

Promising Services of SHOUNG

● SHOUNG produces sports products for people of every age and size.
The ankle and wrist weights produced by SHOUNG are flexible in texture and made with durable material.
Products made by SHOUNG are cost friendly and are easily affordable by everyone.
From designing, planning and production our quality control officers make it sure that high quality product should be produced because SHOUNG never compromises on quality.
We also export our sports product to western countries like USA, Europe and also to Japan.
We are proud producer for many prestigious and popular sports goods manufacturing brands like Nike and others.

Marketing Share

Sports accessories designed by SHOUNG are durable and fashion oriented that can work both for outdoor as well as indoor sports. Our competent team of skilled professionals know well how to cater your needs and we bring innovations through our unique designs. SHOUNG promises to provide fashion along with comfort for the trendy sports wear and accessories that we produce for our worthy customers. SHOUNG is also designing and producing sports goods on behalf of our loyal clients. We give them pioneering ideas about how to bring fashion and style side by side through their sports accessories.